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I have to say, Vani, I love your use of colors and shadow/shine. I adore the way you drew the upper portion of her body, but the one thing that I can't stop staring at is the crease for her belly and ribs. I totally see that you were trying to do a Slugbox-esque style, but if I may make a suggestion... ease up on the line accentuation for the belly and ribcage. She looks a tiny bit pot-bellied, so maybe you want to evenly distribute curvature on both sides of her torso? It just looks a little odd to me. Don't be afraid to play around with darker shadows and colors to accent the markings where her ribs and stomach muscles should be showing instead of lines. It makes it look more natural.

Amazing shot, though~ Keep practicing. :heart: (though I'm sure you already knew that. Lol.
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Miss-Vani Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the advice! <3 I'll try shadows next time instead of lines ^^
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